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Hollywel Parks, St. Andrew

On the cooler side of things, lets trek into the Blue Mountains.

Grab a blanket, a tent. a radio and let's go.


From Half Way Tree you take Old Hope Road through Liguanae past The Jamaica College . No turn Offs until you get the University of Technology in Papine. At the stop light at the University's

entrance, you turn left into the small town of Papine and continue left onto Gordon Town Road. You should drive until you are adjacent to a river on the right. Continue until you cross a short bridge over the river after which you will take the second left. Bear in mind that the two left turns and directly beside each other.

The second left turn is the Irish Town main road. Drive for approximately 5 minutes where there are signs pointing to Irish town and Maryland. Continue straight towards Irish town. Maryland would be on the left turn.

Drive for another 10 minutes to enter Irish Town. After Irish Town keep on the main road towards Red Light Square.

The drive continues for Approximately 30 more minutes, passing Settlement district, Catherine's Peak Water Company and Newcastle Army Base. After Newcastle, Hollywel's entrance is 10minutes drive on the left.

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