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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Hellshire Beach is a popular beach located in Portmore, St. Catherine. It's arguably one of the best fishing village-type locations that boast great seafood cuisine serviced by a string of restaurants. Hellshire is also popular for relaxations and beach Lyme on weekends. many have said that Hellshire is a great place to pass time.

Hellshire was known as Healthshire in earlier times because it was known as a health retreat. It was also said to be a popular spot for runaway slaves.

Hellshire is surrounded by mangroves and limestone rocks forest which is a habitat for crocodiles and the iguana lizards among other protected species. The Healthshire Hills reserve is one of a few of its kind in the Caribbean.

In recent times the beach in Hellshire has receded. this is due to overfishing of the parrotfish. There is still enough beach to enjoy. Hopefully, more care for the environment will be shown so that spots like this can last for the next generation to enjoy.

Swimsuits, sea and sand is the way to go at Hellshire for sure.

Get gear for the beach here.


From Washington Boulevard continue westward to six miles bridge and onto Mandela Highway. drive until you get to the a stop light that leads to Portmore. turn left onto George Lee Boulevard until you get to another stoplight the leads to a round about at the ackee village. take the second exit onto I95 continue though 4 stoplight with no turn offs. then you should reach the Hellshire Protected Park and area covered with Mangroves. after a few kilometers you will meeth one roundabout from which youll take second exit to continue southward. on reaching second roundabout take first exit to approach Hellishire Beach entrance.

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