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Maryland , St. Andrew

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Did you know there was a place in St. Andrew called Maryland?

This mountainous, quiet area, is just outside Papine St, Andrew. It boasts many springs and underground water which is not a surprise, sinces its part of the Blue and John Crow Mountains. Usually, people believe that, to enjoy this kind of beauty would include hours of drive and lots of money. This is not the case. Maryland is just 8 minutes from Papine and 20 minutes from Half Way Tree The capital of St. Andrew (without traffic).

You can enjoy the Hope River, beautiful peaceful hillsides and cool temperatues. Its a good spot for hiking cycling and writers inspiration. Maryland is not known for criminal activity.

If you're interested in nature, by Big Little Experience's standard this is a place to hang out.

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1 commentaire

Carmen Powell
Carmen Powell
10 nov. 2021

I like it

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